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With the aim of obtaining pure and natural honey with the complete nonviolent system, beekeeping was started by Dr. Dharmesh Vadher in 2012. Very few people know that beekeeping is not a process of exploitation, but it is a process of nourishment. It is based on the principle of symbiosis rather than parasitism. This means that it is not only beneficial for humans but for humans and honeybees both. Actually, beekeeping is beneficial for the farmer, agriculture, and nature.

Only by hobby of living with nature, the small beginning of beekeeping now converted in a form of business over time. Indigenous honey is an apiary business managed by primitve corporation located in Gir Somnath, Gujarat, India. We conserve Apis indica honeybee (the indigenous bee of India) and Apis mellifera honeybee (Italian honeybee) in scientifically designed wooden boxes.Today Indigenous honey has more than 1000 beehives. The area of the working of our bees is the rural area of Gir Somnath district.

In one beehive, there is a queen honeybee, 200-300 male bees and 20,000 to 80,000 workers bees. This family of honeybees is cultivated in a scientifically made wooden box. These boxes are kept in areas full of blooming flowers. Because of more blooming flowers, honeybees make honey more than they need. This extra honey is extracted by a modern technology machine. During this process of extraction, not a single honeybee, eggs or larva get damage. This honey is unprocessed and no external substance (preservatives, sugar etc.) is added to it. Only filtered through the cotton filter.

Indigenous Honey gives you 100% pure and natural (Raw, Unfiltered & Unpasteurized) honey.

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Indigenous honey is 100% pure and natural honey. It's raw, unprocessed and unpasteurized honey. During this process of extraction, not a single honeybee, eggs or larva get damage. This honey is unprocessed and no external substance (preservatives, sugar etc.) is added to it. Only filtered through the cotton filter.

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Benefits of honey as per ayurveda.

The description of the benefits of honey in scriptures of Ayurveda (Sushruta Samhita) is as follow.


The cause of most diseases is poor digestive power. Honey is used for the improvement of the strength of gastrointestinal tract.

"Vanyaa, Sukumar"

The honey can be used both internally and externally. By applying the pest of honey on the skin, softness and brightness of the skin will improve.


Regular use of honey can increase the eyesight. 1 or 2 drops of honey can be dropped into eyes per day. You can trust on the Indigenous Honey. (Note: It is irritating to have honey in the eye.)


Honey tends to increase sperm count and quality of semen. Physician of Yunnan had used honey as a sexual enhancer for thousands of years.


Honey is the antilipidemic drug. It removes excess fat and cuff from the body by scraping. It helps to reduce obesity. Honey is also mentioned in obesity treatment. Even in modern times, honey is widely used to remove fat. Honey removes excess body fat without any side effects. Honey is useful in the treatment of asthma, colds, and coughs. Cough problems are especially high in elder persons.


Honey contains substance found in the plant that may help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Regular use of honey will help to make your heart health. Honey improves the strength of heart muscles. There was an article infamous Danish Medical Journal by Dr. Androov and Dr. Eric Voglman on use of honey in the treatment of heart diseases (from Wiki Weekly News Canada,17 January 1995). They used the herbal mixture of cinnamon, honey, and tea for heart diseases and found the effective result in the patient.


To unite is the basic herbal nature of honey. Honey is the helpful remedy for fractured bones. Regular use of honey improves the strength of bones. According to modern research, honey is rich in minerals, it is beneficial for bones.


The use of honey on the injured wound does not impair the infection and it quickly stops bleeding. Honey is also useful in diabetic ulcers.


Honey is able to enter into the smallest cache of the body. So it is beneficial to every part of the body.

Misconception about honey

In Indian society, there is a belief in people’s mind that if honey is crystallized than is the sign of adulteration.!!!! But this is a complete misconception.

Quotes of Albert Einstein on Honey bees

“If the honey bees are destroyed from the earth, in just four years, all living creatures will end."- Albert Einstein.

Want to start beekeeping!!!!!! we are here to help you.

If you are looking for beekeeping training, you are at right place. We will serve you all the information about honey and honeybees. Today's article is about training on beekeeping.

We would like to help the farmers for better pollination across Gujarat and other regions of India.

You will find amazing relationship between honeybees and flowers in this article. After reading this article you will know about how nature is making food for us.

Beekeeping business-Dark side of beekeeping in India.

"In Gujarat, people are taking more interest in the business of the honeybee than the business of honey."

We are working in the field of beekeeping from 2012. We have seen a lot of up-down in these years. For every new person who willing to start beekeeping, this article became useful for them.

At present, millions of enthusiastic youths and farmers in our country are looking forward to the business of beekeeping. In which our honorable Prime Minister Modi's "Sweet Revolution" is a major contributor. Beekeeping is the need of the present time. It has hidden solution of many problems related to health, unemployment and pollination problem of the agricultural farm.

But like every coin gets two-sides, the same downside is also developing.

"In Gujarat, people are taking more interest in the business of the honeybee than the business of honey." Due to this kind of activity, many enthusiastic youngsters and innocent farmers are being victimized. Some people are selling honeybee by speaking seductive and fiction talks, who have never even produced honey in a commercial way. Or just they are the broker of honey bees.

There is a belief in people's mind that beekeeping is the same as animal husbandry but the reality is very different. By keeping apiary or bee colonies/boxes at one place, it is not possible to produce honey in a commercial way. Because it is almost nonsensical that you would able to provide huge amounts of flower in one place for 365 days.

Suppose we have 100 bee colonies or bee boxes, then we should have 100 acres of land which is full of flowers. If this is possible then we will get profitable income from beehives. That is why a beekeeper migrates their beehives according to the season.

Crop such as mustard (lai), thyme (ajwain), fennel (soph), coriander(dhania), pigeon pea (tuver), sesame, alfalfa, babul, and coconut are useful for production of honey in Gujarat.

A beginner should note that crop such as wheat, cotton, peanut, jowar, paddy, etc., are not useful for honey production.

The geographical condition of Gujarat and North India is very different. In Gujarat, production of honey is very low, some reasons are high temperature and humidity, more amount of green bee-eater(a green colored bird which is able to catch honeybee from the air) and more use pesticides in the farm.

There are many confusions in the people's minds about the economic value of honey. If a person sells his own honey by himself, then he will be able to earn sufficient amount of money according to quality of honey and marketing. But if he sells his honey to a wholesaler or company, then he will get a negligible amount of money.

That is why I recommend that any person who is willing to start beekeeping, please inspect/ survey the market first.

Mostly a person who only trades honeybees has exaggeration stories. So before making any project report and taking lawn one should need to know this business correctly. So it is better to start with a small step, then go ahead with more experience and investment.

Be sure about the insecticide used in the farm area before placing honeybee boxes for pollination in the farm of pomegranate, mango, etc. Although the honeybee is a very gentle insect (despite having a sting ... !!), it does not stand in front of the pesticide. The list of horticulture farmers who have failed in beekeeping is very big.

My personal opinion is that those who have a sensible attachment to the honeybee then go ahead in this field. Honeybee would sting quickly those who consider only economic aspect.