Efforts of honeybee for the production of single drop of honey

A honeybee can produce as much honey as twelfth part of a spoon in its entire lifetime. She does not just prepare honey for herself but does for the children of next generation.

You will be surprised to know that the lifespan of the honey bee is only 45 to 60 days. The only goal of her life is to manage (store) food for their family and to protect their family.

To prepare a drop of honey, honeybee visits more than fifteen flowers.

A honeycomb has millions of honeybees, the total traveling distance done by all bees to make one kg honey is more than 42000 km. This distance is equivalent to seven round of the earth.

For thousands of years, human beings have been using a very cruel way to get honey. For getting honey, smoke is fired under the comb. Then comb is squeezed out to get honey. Meanwhile, a large number of bees, eggs, and larvae die. The quality of this type of honey is lower because of biological contamination during squeezing the comb, and such honey cannot be preserved for a long time.

Despite having nourishing properties of honey, Indian people have been using the very little amount of honey. There is no place of honey in the daily diet of Indian people; it is only used as medicine. There is also ritualism behind this, because of this violent method for getting honey, large numbers of honeybees and their larva are dying.

In beekeeping, honey is obtained by a non-violent way. In this scientific way, the honeycomb is not destroyed. This will become helpful for bees for better development. Very few people know that beekeeping is not a process of exploitation, but it is a process of nourishment.

Therefore, we request people that please give priority to beekeeper for getting honey rather than a harvester,so this will encourage beekeepers and stop the exploitation of innocent creatures.

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