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Wrong beliefs about honey

In Indian society, there is a belief in people’s mind that if honey is crystallized than is the sign of adulteration.

The crystallization of honey is a natural process. Pure honey can also be jammed (crystallized). Crystallization of honey depends on the source of honey. Here source means different types of flowers which produce nectar. Honey contains glucose and fructose as sweetener naturally. The crystallization of honey depends on the amount of glucose contained inside. If honey produces from the nectar of flower which contains more amount of glucose naturally. It will tend to crystallized faster than other honey. Flower of oilseeds plant contain more glucose than other plants, so honey produce from these flowers is jammed or crystallized honey. In the northern side of India, beekeepers produce a large amount of jammed honey from mustard, sunflower, sesame, soybean, etc. A large amount of jammed honey is exported to the foreign country.

Most people have a misconception about crystallized honey. For this reason, in India, processed honey or heated honey is sold in place of raw honey, which does not solidify (crystallized) normally. Once the honey is boiled, the natural tendency of being crystallized is a retread, on behalf of loss of medicinal properties of the honey. The fact is that at 45 ° C temperature, the medicinal elements in honey such as antioxidant, enzymes, vitamins, many anti-aging properties, acids etc. are destroyed. This medicinal element is used for the health of the body and increases the strength of immune system. Therefore honey should be kept away from heat. In India, most of the companies sell by processed honey or pasteurized honey, but it’s nothing more than sugar syrup. That’s why most Ayurveda doctors recommend using "raw honey".

The crystallization of pure honey is a natural process. In fact, the medicinal properties of honey are much safer in crystallized form than in the fluid form. So use crystallized honey in as such condition.

Colour, aroma, and taste of honey are unique!!!!!

There is a large variation in color, aroma, and taste of honey because there are huge variation types of flowers. It depends on from where (which kind of flowers) bee collects the nectar. Taste of honey vary from very sweet to bitter taste and color is vary from transparent to dark black. American bee board has 250 types of honey in their laboratory, which differ from each other on the basis of color, aroma, and taste.

Honey gets expire!!!!!!

Pure honey does not expire for thousands of years. According to Ayurveda scriptures, as much as honey, alcohol, and ghee become old, they become better and more effective. Old honey and old ghee are used in the treatment of many serious diseases. Honey found from ancient Egyptian pyramids was black in color but not it was not expired.

Domestic method to check the purity of honey!!!!!

To ensure the purity of honey people are using some domestic method like scrolling from the silk cloth, adding honey into water, etc but to ensure purity of honey laboratory report should be done.