Story of an ancient Israelite soldier in holy Bible

“One of the ancient Israelite soldiers was tired from war and returned to the city. He saw honey from a honeycomb on a tree. He dumped his stick and ate it. Immediately, "his eyes came to light" and he got stronger. (1 Samuel 14: 25-30) This Bible account reveals that honey is beneficial for human beings. Honey immediately gives strength, since it contains about 82 percent carbohydrates. You cannot believe it, but only 30 grams honey is enough for a honey bee to fly around the earth!

Do honeybees make honey only for humans?

No, she makes honey for herself because that is her meal. A common-size honeycomb has about 10-15 kg of honey for honeybees, which is used as diet in the winter. If the atmospheric condition is good, then about 25 kg of honey is prepared in a honeycomb. This extra honey is either consumed by men or animal-like bear.

How do bees make honey?

Honeybees have a unique design such as the hose to suck nectar from flowers. Consumed nectar is digested in the stomach. Honeybees have two stomachs. 1. "digestive stomach" 2. To make honey "honey stomach". The nectar of the flower is fully digested in the "honey stomach" and stored in the comb as a honey. This honey has more than 45% water. Honeybees constantly buzzing the wings and blows the water away from the honey. Following the hard work of honeybees, results in the amount of water in the honey below to 18%. This honey is then sealed by beeswax in the comb. This honey is called "RIPE HONEY". After extraction of "RIPE HONEY", if filled in a clean container air-tightly, it does not get worse for thousands of years, because no microbes or fungus can be developed in ripe honey.

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