Quotes of Albert Einstein on Honey bees

“If the honey bees are destroyed from the earth, in just four years, all living creatures will end."- Albert Einstein.

The saying of the great scientist seems to be ridiculous and have a big question mark, but today people have slowly started seeing the effect of these statements.

After World War II, the use of chemical fertilizers, genetically modified seeds (GM food) and toxic insecticides have been used in agriculture throughout the world. In the beginning, agriculturist found these things very advantageous but slowly it’s become worst and more critical.

Due to acute effect of chemical fertilizer the fertilized land converts into a unfertilized and useless land. Excessive use of pesticides also kills the pollinators like honeybees. Stabilized food chain system breaks down due to this circumstance.

Even though there is a rise in the use of fertilizer and pesticide, annual production of agricultural products is declining worldwide. Their side effects are not limited to the environment; it also affects the human health.

Diseases like diabetes, cancer are basically due to change in food source.

The small honey bee has a huge contribution to our food chain. In the research of the food, bees fly from one flower to another, indirectly pollen transfers from one flower to the other (pollination), and the flowers are filled with fruits. In more than 80% of plants, the flowering stage is converted in fruiting stage only by honey bees.

We have killed many useful pollinators such as honey bee by using pesticides. Even if the plant is physically healthy, but pollinator is not available and it does not properly produce fruits or seeds. If we kill pollinator, production of seeds or fruits is not possible and the entire food chain will break. Therefore, using pesticides, we are stalking on our own feet.

The government has control over the use of any of the said pesticides except India. In our country, there is a no any standard regarding the use of pesticides. Hence there is no any control in use of poison of on the crops.

There were many movements occurs in the developed nations against the use of pesticides and the government had to listen to the people. The pesticide products which are a band in many countries, has an open market in India and also licensed by the Government of India. These companies are largest taxpayer companies. Then why would the government oppose them? We have to do it first.

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