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Queen honeybee

The behavior of Queen bee creates surprise. There are thousands of honeybees in a honeycomb but there is only one queen bee.

Queen honeybee and worker honeybee both are born from the same type of egg, but the queen bee is very large from worker honeybee. This difference is due to the variation in the dosage of royal jelly given to them during the development.

The queen honeybee does not eat honey and pollen, there is a special dietary arrangement called Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly secretes from the brain gland of worker bee which is rich in protein.

The queen bee flies for the first time in four days from the birth. In the air, she releases an intense odor called pheromone. Due to this pheromone drone bees are attracted towards the queen. During this flight (matting flight), she copulates with the drone (male bee). Drone dies after the copulation. On the same day, she takes many flights and copulates with many drones (male bees) until her spermatheca (uterus) is full of sperms. After that the queen bee never needs copulation. During her whole life, she uses this stored sperms for the production of eggs.

According to friendly and adverse environmental condition, the queen can produce more or fewer eggs. The queen can produce the male egg or female egg according to the time and the need.

The age of the queen bee is 3 years and age of worker bee is only 3 months. The reason for this is also the special diet she receives.

The queen bee can give the fertile eggs but the worker bees are unable to produce it.

In a honeycomb, there are only 200 to 300 drones (male bee). Thousands number of females (worker bees) which can never copulate with drone and a fully developed female (queen).

The Queen bee can produce 1500 to 2000 eggs during the season of flowers. The worker bee has to feed (nursing) them.

The Queen bee spend her entire life with the royal status, but when the queen gets old and loses her ability to lay eggs, her own children (worker bees) kills her and makes a new queen.