Is it fair to collect honey from honey bee?

The entire life of the honeybee depends on flowers. The only source of their diet is the flower.

During the season of monsoon and spring, a large quantity of flowers blooms. At that time honey bee visits the flowers and collect nectar from the flower. This nectar is converted in the honey after regutination by the honey bee. They used this honey during the absence of flower.

One question is raised in mind while reading this article, is it fair to collect honey from honeycomb?

In beekeeping, beehives are managed by maintaining blooms of the flower. Beehives are migrated time to time to get the source of the flower. By this way honeybee produce more honey then they required. This excess honey is then extracted by centrifuge machine. In this process honeycomb or honey bee doesn’t get any harm.

Beekeeping is the process of nourishment not the way of exploitation.

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