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Beekeeping training

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If you are looking for beekeeping training, you are at right place. We will serve you all the information about honey and honeybees. Today's article is about training on beekeeping.

Why is training required on beekeeping?

Because you are looking for an insect on which you will find more literature after mankind. The honeybee is not an ordinary insect but its rather than extraordinary. If you observe the honeybee peacefully, you will find the magic of nature.The honeybee is the perfectly designed creature created by nature during the process of evolution.

Life of honeybee is depended only on the flowers. Source of food for survival for a honeybee is only a flower. Each organ from head to nail is the perfect tool for survival of their life and also for the survival of plants. Actually its matter of survival of mankind. The genius scientist Albert Einstien had quoted somewhere in a book that "If the honeybees are destroyed from the earth, in just four years, all living creatures will end." So if you want to be a successful beekeeper, you must have knowledge of the behavior of the honeybee, anatomy of the honeybee and some general ideas of bee-friendly flowers.

So if you want to be a successful beekeeper, you must have knowledge of the behavior of the honeybee, anatomy of the honeybee and some general ideas of bee-friendly flowers.

Here I want to clear one matter that commercial beekeeping is not a stationery business. It is not possible to cultivate bee-friendly flowers for 365 days at one place. So if you really want a proper financial output from beekeeping, you must have to migrate beehives according to seasons.

According to my five-year experience in the field of beekeeping in Gujarat, I found that there are many bee-friendly crops which are cultivated in Gujarat. We have fertilized land in which bee-friendly crop such as coriander, fennel, sesame, thyme, pigeon peas, mustard, mung, black gram, cotton, pearl millet, sunflower etc are cultivated. And also have horticulture plants like coconut, berry, drumstick, mango tree and eucalyptus. Wild plants such babul and acacia are also found in Gujarat. This huge biodiversity of crops and plants influence the success of beekeeping activity in Gujarat.

So there is a good opportunity for a hobby beekeeper to convert into commercial beekeeper in Gujarat. We are engaged in beekeeping since 2012. Our trained employees manage all the beekeeping activities according to Good Beekeeping Practices (GBP) suggested by national bee board.

Training includes such topics.:

Life in beehive: Our trained persons will help you to understand the life cycle of the honeybee, their labor distribution, and their socialism.

Handling of beehive: This includes equipment handling which are use full in beekeeping.

Beehive nutrition: If you want more honey from beehives, you must have knowledge of diet of the honeybee.

Apiary management: Selection of apiary site also have an influence on the growth of honeybees and production of hone.

Migration of apiary: This is the toughest job in beekeeping which required proper training.

Production and sales of honey and beehives: Our sales expert will help you to encourage your sale of honey and beehives.

Pollination service of honeybee: One should also produce income by the pollination services of the honeybees.

Troubleshooting of issues in beekeeping: We also support to fight against the predators and disease of honeybees.